Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Funny!

I know it's a little late, but it's still Friday so enjoy and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


When I was in high school I worked as a CNA. For those of you who don't know what that stands for, Certified Nurses Aid. I loved working in the nursing home with all the aging residence. One of the lasting memories of my job was all the songs the residence would sing. My favorite was,  Let Me Call You Sweetheart. I still enjoy that songs and all the memories it brings back for me.

Of course working in a nursing home I had to wear scrubs, but until now I never truly appreciated how much I enjoyed scrubs until I realized the scrubs I have worn for the last twelve year have all worn out. That is why for my birthday I bought myself a new pair of scrubs. I think scrubs are very under appreciated in the fashion world. That is why I've decided to transform my entire wardrobe into different type and colors of scrubs. It just seems so practical I'm surprised I didn't think about it before now.

Here are a few reasons I have decided to only wear scrubs:
1. Comfort. If you get the right kind they are so comfortable.
2. Practical. You can wear these everywhere...okay maybe not church, but everywhere else and no one thinks twice. They just figure you are on your way to or from work.
3. Time Saving. I can sleep in scrubs, get up, take my kids to school then stop off at the store to pick up milk or whatever without having to spend the time getting dressed just so I can change into my cleaning clothes when I get home.
 4. Thanksgiving forgiveness. When I've eaten too much for Thanksgiving dinner all I have to do is loosen the ties and no one is the wiser...well maybe they are now, but they won't be unless they read this.
5. Writing: Because I spend so much time writing I don't have time for the silly things in life, like doing laundry. In scrubs you can just jump in the shower with them on, shampoo will clean them just fine, and blow dry after. Scrubs are made to dry quickly.

Okay, maybe I've gone a little too far, but you can see the advantages. Scrubs are great!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Been A While

If you haven't checked out my book please take a moment. It's only .99 cents in ebook form. I am working on book two, but do not have a release date yet. Thanks!

Link to the paperback version.

Friday Funny! Warning! Totally Inappropriate!

Hey, I warned you.

Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm already hungry. This year my family decided to raise our own turkeys. In March we went to the local Cal-Ranch and picked out two poults, (baby turkeys). Then we spend the next few months feeding, feeding, and feeding. After all that feeding we spent the rest of the months cleaning up after them. Turkeys are stinky!

Much to my dismay they decided to make their home on my back deck. Yuck! Now I have to power wash and re-stain it. You would think I would be against raising turkeys next year, but nope I plan on doing it again. I will just do it a little differently.

This is a picture of our tom. He ended up weighing 48lbs before processing and 45lbs after. We also had a hen that weighed 35lbs before and 32lbs after. Can't wait to eat them! The tom is too big to cook so we sent him out to be smoked, but the hen will be Thanksgiving dinner.