Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House Hunters Marshall Style

Okay folks this is it. We are down to the final three choice. A few things have changed since I last blogged. One, we are no longer looking in Sedalia. Two, because of some issues we are facing with the relocation company we are no longer considering the older home although after looking at them this isn't a problem. Pictures are very deceiving peope. Beautiful homes with a whole lot of work attached to them.

So that leaves us with homes in Marshall. This should make several peope happy because they liked the idea of the Marshall family living in Marshall. Here are the the final three choices. No decisions have been made yet so these all still open to comments and we would love to hear what you think.

House #1 Acreage we have always wanted.

This home is large with a huge master room and closet,but it does have a lot of updating to do. It sits on three acres which is something we have always wanted. It has a walk out basement that needs to be finished and seemed to have experienced a bit of water damage in the basement. The house is not our favorite color and it is at the very top of our budget.

House #2 Attractive Rambler on a quiet cul-de-sac

This is a beautiful home with a great master suite and fabulous addition added to the back of the house to be used as a family room. It's well taken care of with a fireplace upstairs and one in the basement. The basement is not finished, but has been started. The downsides are once again it's in at the top of our budget, you can see the kitchen from the front door, and it's only three bedroom so we would have to finish one in the basement fairly soon.

House #3 Charming updated home with great price

This is a cute home with a lot of character. The price is great and it has a ton of closet space through out the house. The kitchen needs a refrigerator and new stove, but all the cabinets are in great shape. The flooring is new through out the house and one of the rooms upstairs is large enough for all three of my boys to share or for a large master bedroom. The basement has two rooms that are finished minus the flooring so we could have five bedrooms in all. This home has a really good feel to it, but it feels a little small even thought it has well over 2400 square feet. The price of this home is excellent for the condition and the lower house payment would leave extra money in our budget.

There you are folks. Those are the three houses we are considering. I cannot get the links to work so you will have to copy and paste them into your address bar. Let me know what you think and then once everything is all said and done we will tell you which one we end up buying.


Colter said...

I know my favorite. Let's see if others agree.

Gene said...

I like #3 then #2. #1 looks like it might require too much work.

Lacey Sue said...

#2 is my favorite!!!!!

Brandon M said...

I say #3, seems to be very nice inside and out, and it has room to grow.