Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Funny!

I have to say that the last year has been incredible. I feel very blessed to have all the wonderful people in my life. Celtic Illusion has been out for a year now and is still selling very well. Book two is still coming along although not as quickly as I would like due to my health issues.

I did find out at a doctor's appointment that I do not have piriformis syndrome, but instead a bulging disc. It took over a year to figure this out which is why I haven't been getting better. Hopefully, with this new info, I will be able to get this fixed and be able to sit for longer than five minutes at a time.

I do love a happy ending, especially if that happy ending happens to be no more pain!

Here is your Friday Funny.  Watching this helped me remember it's not over til it's over and always give 100%.

Have a great weekend!

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