Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Funny!

My husband and I have been looking for a new house with acreage out in the country. Don't get me wrong I love my house now, but we have a small yard and I want to raise animals again. We found what we thought was the perfect house with a perfect setup online, but discovered the internet service out there is spotty. This sent me into a panic. I love my Internet. I look everything up online from recipes, ideas for my books and of course my Friday Funnies! I really want my hobby farm, but I don't know if I will survive without good Internet service.

Well, We made an appointment to look at the house even considering the internet situation and although it was a lovely home it wasn't what we hoped it would be. On the bright side my Internet is safe for a while longer. I guess my petting zoo will have to wait.

Now onto the Friday Funny! This first one is for all my spider "loving" friends and the second one is because I love these types of videos.

Have a great weekend!

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