Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Feeds the Soul

I've mentioned before that music has a big influence on my writing. There have been times when I get writers block and the only thing that gets me out is listening to music. This last week was a harder week for me to get any writing done. I've had two adorable nephews staying with me while their parents went on a trip which I loved, but has made it harder to get into my writing mood.

I am hoping that this week will be more productive and to improve those odds I have loaded my Zune with a few favorite songs, some old some new. My top five songs this week are:

1. Here With Me DIDO
2. Till The World Ends Brittany Spears (I know, I know! What can I say she's one of my guilty pleasures.)
3.The Lady Killer Cee Lo Green
4. No More Little Lion Man Mumford and Sons (Careful for those with sensitive ears. I have the radio edit.)
5. E.T. Katy Perry (I must really like this song because I hate Kanye West)

Leave me a comment if anyone out there has a suggestion. I am always looking for new music to listen to.

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