Tuesday, October 4, 2011


If you couldn't tell by the title of this blog title I love Halloween. It is by far my favorite holiday. I love ghost stories, scary movies, and of course candy. I love the weather in October. My first date with my husband was to a haunted house and several years later he proposed the day before Halloween. I love this holiday. I love decorating for Halloween and I love Halloween Wednesday.

What is Halloween Wednesday? Every Wednesday in October we gather at my mother in law's house with our children to do something fun for Halloween. Usually we play games, do a craft, and make and eat Halloween themed food. It's incredibly fun to come up with the ideas and watch the kids get involved in the mayhem.

This year we have decided to do a monster theme every Wednesday. My family picked vampires so now I am scanning the Internet for ideas. If any of you have any good ideas I can use I would love to hear them. Any vampire ideas are welcome.

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