Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Halloween Wednesday!

Today is the first Halloween Wednesday. The theme for the day is Witches and Wizards. My father in law has made all the grand kids wands and I made labels to go with them. I will post a picture in this blog of one of them. I am so excited. They are going to love them. My mother in law is making small bread bowls that we are going to use as cauldrons and serve soup in them(magic brew). We are also all bring bottles of different kinds of drinks that we plan to put in jars so the kids can mix and drink their own potions. There will be games, stories, crafts, ect. It should be so much fun!

I am however disappointed that I haven't had time to get my Halloween decorations out. Having a two month old has really slowed me down. It also hasn't helped that I've been sick with a stomach bug and then our refrigerator broke and we have been working on getting a new one all week. I am feeling better, we did get a new refrigerator, but I still have a beautiful two month old girl keeping me from really busting out my Halloween grove. The good news is my husband is taking the next two days off work for a little R&R so I should have some time to get things set up.