Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giving Rid Of Stuff

I need to get less and give more. I think that is why my house feels like it's always a mess. If we had less "stuff" there would be less to clean up. It's not that I'm not grateful for what I have because I am. I am truly blessed. I have so much, but there is so many things I don't use or even need. That is why I've decided during Christmas break this year I am going to go through my house and really consider how much we actually need and use and how much is just taking up space. If I find that something is just taking up space I'm going to donate.

I  know the thought of getting rid of things may cause several people in my house to hyperventilate, but if they can see it as "giving rid of stuff" instead of "getting rid of stuff" it might go a bit smoother. If that doesn't help I plan to have my family sit down and watch a few episodes of Hoarders and see if that doesn't help move things along.

Remember folks, you should owe your stuff not let it own you.


Jess said...

that's where I'm at too! I've been donating bags of clothes, curtains, bedding, toys, whatever. If we're not using it, I want it to go to someone who will.

keysha said...

You are speaking my language!!! Nothing feels as good to me as giving stuff to someone who will use it when no one in my house is. :)

Luke and Tina said...

I read a friends post that mentioned how her family made it a goal to get rid of 100 pounds of stuff per person within a year and they did it. I think I want to try it now. I am so sick of stuff everywhere.