Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great Advice?

Has anyone in your life ever given you advice or said something to you that actually changed your life? I've been thinking about that today and I have thought of a few sayings that have changed my life even though at the time it was hard to hear...and even a little hurtful.

1. "You're not special!"
This is by far my favorite. My dad said this to me when I was about eleven. My mom had made me an outfit for school and my best friend wanted to barrow the pattern so her mom could make her one. I was not happy. I threw a huge fit because if she had the same outfit as mine I wouldn't be special. This is when my dad broke in with, "you're not special!" Kind of harsh I know and I know he didn't mean to say it that way he just wanted me to stop complaining, but it actually has helped me in life. I am special to many people, but what I got out of it was life doesn't owe me any favors. I have to work for what I have and most importantly I am not the only one in the world with pains, sorrows and troubles. We all have to deal with our own burdens.

2. Let Go and Let God.
This one is from my mother-in-law. I love this saying because I used to be and still can at times be somewhat of a control freak. I just knew if I wasn't in control every little thing in my life everything would have fallen apart. After hearing this saying and having her explain what it meant I felt so much better. It means I have to do my part, but after I've done everything I can I have to let go and allow God to take me the rest of the way. I know a lot of people who struggle with this because it takes a large amount of trust and faith, but for me it allowed my to relax a little and enjoy life more.

3. Do you know how much a judge makes? 
This one is from my mom. It was her way of warning me to stop judging others. She asked me one day after I had been particularly judgmental, "Do you know how much a judge makes?" I told her no. She then smiled at me and continued, "I believe they make a good deal of money and everyone has to listen to what they say." She then looked me right in the eyes and finished with, "Right now you're doing it for free and no one's listening." That's all she said, but it hit home loud and clear.

4. You are not a victim.
I don't remember who said this to me. My sister said Oprah used to say it, but I'm positive I heard it somewhere else. I am not a victim. I am and continue to be the result of the choices I make in my life. I really like this. It makes me take responsibility for my life and not blame others for my hardships.

These are just a few, but all of them have had an impact in my life. Do you have any sayings I can add?


Lily said...

I love all of these. Thanks.

keysha said...

Love them all!!! I needed to read this list today....thanks!