Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Funny!

The topic of discussion for today is drama. How do you like your drama? Do you like it online, on TV, or in a book? Do you watch movies to get your drama fix? Maybe you have someone in your life that creates drama for you and that's how you satisfy your drama addiction.

I prefer my drama on the medium side. I like it when it doesn't affect me personally. How do you know how you prefer your own drama? I created this chart to help you decide how you like your drama served.

Rare= You prefer not to have any drama in your life at all. I find that most people like a little drama if not a lot of drama so to find a person like this is pretty rare.

Medium Rare= You like drama as long as it doesn't affect you personally. You like it on TV or in a book, but even then it needs to be mixed in with something else like romance or adventure.

Medium= You like your drama to be personal, either through family or close personal friends. You tend to spend time looking for drama and drawing it out of people. You may even stir up a little drama of your own.

Medium Well= You like to look for drama and make no qualms about it. You like it whether it's close personal drama or drama once removed. You know, like a friend of a friends drama. You tend to get overly involved in other peoples drama.

Well Done= You create drama where ever you go. You make drama up just to feel important. If something dramatic is going on you try and find a way to tie yourself to that drama. When drama is dying out in a situation you find ways to bring it back to life.

Hopefully this helps you next time your out on the town and you want to order a little drama.

Here is an example of Well Done drama.

Have a great weekend!

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