Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Funny!

A year ago today we moved to the state of Missouri. The past year has been an adventure. We have missed our family in Utah, but have enjoyed meeting and getting to know new people. It has been good to see that our family can do hard and uncomfortable things and not only get by, but flourish.

I can't say I love everything about it (the sneaky way they draw you in with cheap gas and housing and then steal your money in the form of taxes), but all in all Missouri truly is a beautiful state and our family has enjoyed exploring it's treasures.

 It has also made me appreciate living in Utah more than I already did. I think I took for granted what a beautiful and amazing state I once resided in. It really makes me appreciate the saying, "grow where you're planted". Experience what life has to offer wherever you are. Beauty can be found in the most unusual places if one knows where and how to look.

We have at least one more year here in Missouri; after that who knows. Part of me would love to find a job in Utah and move back, but another part of me says there is more adventure to be had and not to look back. Whatever happens I plan to enjoy what Missouri has to offer. I don't ever want to look back on this time and regret that I didn't allow myself to really grow where I've been planted, so here's to another year of adventure.

Now, onto the Friday Funny! I want you to know I spent hours trying to find a video that was funny and appropriate enough to post. (I've been trying to keep things as family friendly as I can because my kids have been reading my blog lately.) Since I can't seem to find a video I've decided to post several of my favorite Pins off Pinterest Humor.   (I love the comment at the bottom.)

And last, but not least one of the best April Fool's jokes ever...

Have a great weekend!

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