Sunday, May 8, 2011

Did I Mention...

I hate writing summaries almost as much as I hate writing query letters. I know and I call myself a writer, but trying to cram the delicate and magical world I created onto two pages is hard and very time consuming for me. I hate not being able to explain every little detail, but that is exactly what I've had to do tonight.

I was asked by the very talented designer that is working on my cover for a summary of Forbidden. I would have to say I'm glad she asked for it because it really made me think about the work as a whole and not just chapter by chapter. I should thank her for asking me to do it although when she reads it I'm sure she'll being wishing she hadn't. I've been so busy trying to finish up the final editing on the book I kind of rushed through the summary tonight. I didn't even proof read it. (Gasp!! I know I should be ashamed of myself.)

Also just in case you didn't know late nights and early morning are such a bad idea. I never do quality work when I try and pull that off. So many mistakes that could have been avoided by just going to bed a little earlier or staying in bed a little later.

With that note I am off to bed. Happy Mother's Day to my own wonderful mother and to all the other wonderful mothers out there.

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