Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slow Progress

Who would have thought that editing a book that has been edited a hundred times already would take so long?

Progress has been slow on the editing front, but don't worry I have had a break through and things are running smoothly now. I am still aiming for a June release. I do have exciting news about the cover. I have been offered help from a very talented artistic/graphic designer.

She does excellent work and offered tips on how to make the cover look even better. If you have ever purchased a book from Covenant Books you may already have seen some of her work. She does a lot of freelance work for them.

If any of you are looking for someone who knows graphic design let me know. You won't find someone who will do a better job. She has done everything from book design, invitations, political election promotions and even funeral programs. Beautiful work, I promise.

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