Monday, September 26, 2011

Confession Monday

I probably won't make a habit of this, but today I feel I need to make a confession. My confession for this Monday is...I am not a nice person when I am tired. I say and do the most atrocious things when I have not had enough sleep. I don't want to say and do these things, but it's like I'm possessed. I have no internal filter if I haven't slept well and lately I haven't been sleeping at all so you can imagine how fun and exciting it must be at my house.

On the other hand I have learned a few things about myself during this period of sleeplessness. Here are a few of them.

1. If you want the brutal, honest truth from me ask me when I'm tired.
2. If you are looking for ways to permanently rid yourself of the stupid people in your life, ask me how when I haven't had much sleep. I can come up with so many creative ways it's scary.
3. I hate crying, it gives me a headache, but when I'm tired I cry over the stupidest stuff.  Example: I cry over commercials about people coming home unexpectedly for the holidays and making coffee for everyone to wake them up and surprise them. (I don't even drink coffee and I hate the holidays!)
4. I say things I don't mean, like I hate the holidays. I really don't hate all of them, just some of them.
5. We go through an insane amount of cold cereal because I can't stand cooking for my family. They're all a bunch of complainers. Nothing is more annoying then spending any amount of time making dinner and having everyone complain they don't like it. Although, to be fair, my husband will eat it even if he doesn't like it because I think he's afraid of me when I'm tired.
6. I have no patience for stupidity when I'm tired, not even from myself.
7. I hate people who break  rules that I deem are important.I hate this even when I'm not tired, but it's even more irritating when I am.

I could go on and on but it's almost ten, the baby just fell asleep guessed it...I'm tired!

Have a good night folks. I hope you all get more sleep tonight than I do.

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