Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Funny!

I don't know if It's just me, but I swear I've read at least ten articles and several blog posts about parenting and how we are all doing it wrong, or right, or whatever. The only question I have is why is anyone listening? Do you know this person giving the advice? Do they know you and your child? Why would you take advice or criticism from a perfect stranger? The saddest part of it all is the people who are reading these articles and blogs are usually already doing a great job being their child's parent.

Now, if you are still worried about your parenting skills and want more advice from a perfect stranger why not take some of mine. Here is a list of things I've learn being a parent to both boys and girls.

1. Feed your child.
2. Clothe your child as well as provide some kind of shelter for your child.
3. Love your child and be present in their life.
4. Teach your child by example to be the best person they can be.
5. Don't mess with other peoples children. If you don't like the way they are raising them , too bad. It's none of your business.  (Unless the child is being abused of course, then do what you can to find help for that child.) If another child is bothering you or your child remove yourself from the situation. It's not worth the drama of a confrontation. Most likely, if the person is so oblivious to the fact that they and their child are being rude and annoying, you aren't going to convince them of anything.
6. You know your child best. Trust your instincts. If all else fails call someone who actually knows you and your child and has your best interests at heart.
7. Parenting is hard, give yourself and others a break. No one is doing it right or wrong, most are just doing the best they know how.
8. Try and have a sense of humor. It will get you through most situations.
9. Naps are good for everyone!
10. Last, but not least, if you don't have something nice or positive to say don't say anything at all.

So now that I'm done with that please enjoy your Friday Funny and have a great weekend!

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