Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Funny!

It's my birthday! Yep I'm another year older and loving every minute of it. I love my birthday because I don't just celebrate one day, but a whole week. I do this to be sure I am not disappointed just in case something goes wrong on the day of my real birthday. Sounds crazy, but it happens a lot. Take this week, my whole family came down with a stomach flu. It was so bad that we celebrated Thanksgiving today because no one was in the mood to eat yesterday. Sickness is one of the major reasons for the thought process behind the week long celebration. Anyway, today is my birthday and the kickoff of my birthday week. Very excited for it!

So we are going to kick off my birthday week with a video that makes me happy. I love animals especially baby animals so this video has it all. Now, if you aren't into baby animal videos I strongly suggest you move onto the next video. It still has an animal in it, but it is neither warm or cuddly, just funny. Have a great weekend.

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