Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Funny!

My Friday has not been as funny as I would have like it to be. I had a migraine yesterday so now I am dealing with the hangover pain today. Migraines leave me feeling wiped out. For me, it's like having a stroke. My vision starts out kind of blurry and slowly moves to me going almost completely blind. Depending which side my headache is on the opposite side of my body goes numb which includes my tongue so I can't speak, although even if I didn't go numb my brain is so messed up I can't construct a complete sentence anyway. Once all that passes and I can move again I've become so nauseated from it all I throw up (multiple times), and then, after all that the pain starts. The horrific pain that can only be described as the worst brain freeze in the history of brain freezes that doesn't let up and doesn't go away for hours. Sounds funny, huh?

Well, now that the worst part of it has past I have what I like to refer to as the migraine hangover that can last anywhere between one to four days after the initial migraine. It leaves you with an annoying headache that gets worse if you bend down or try and move too quickly, exhausted and starving. (Not sure why it leaves me feeling so hungry.)Don't fret though, I am under a doctors care. He told me that it is almost exactly like having a stroke and scars my brain each time I have one. So, I guess I better hurry up and finish the Celtic Knot series while I still have enough brain power to do it.

Anyway, enough about my sad situation and onto the Friday Funny. This might just be because I like to see people getting what's coming to them or it might be my bad mood, but I think this guy got exactly what he deserved.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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