Thursday, August 25, 2011

Off To A Good Start

I am feeling pretty positive that I am off to a good start. I have finished the prologue and chapter one. I am now moving on. It always surprises me how easy it is to get lost in a book I'm writing and forget to do important things like laundry and making dinner. I will have to work on that in the future, but right now I am sitting in a messy house with piles of laundry to fold and I'm thinking it will all have to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a good cleaning day for me.

Sale of book one are still doing pretty good. I do want to remind you that you only have a week left to enter the contest. I have only had a handful of people enter, but it's not too late. Go out and read my book then leave me a review. It's that easy. If you can't remember the rules on how to enter the contest go back in my blog and read them.


Jordan said...

Any ninjas yet?

T.L.Marshall said...

No not yet, but you never know ;)