Monday, August 15, 2011

Pulling It Together

  This is the week people. This is the week I start pulling things together to send my kids back to school and get back on a writing schedule. Although we struggled the first few weeks of summer it has turned out to be wonderful.
  Our family has enjoyed going to the zoo, swimming at the local pool, shopping at the DI (our local thrift store where my husband loves finding the little treasures people donate) and then of course we got Honey, who we all adore.
  These last few weeks have just flown by.I will miss the relaxed mornings we have enjoyed this summer especially seeing as Honey keeps me up most of the night, but even with that I am ready to get back on a more structured schedule.
  So my plans for the rest of this week will be clean and organize so nothing can stand in the way of my writing.I have a mountain of laundry to wash and fold. Clothes to go through because my kids can't seem to stop growing and carpets to shampoo because they look disgusting and I can't take it any longer.
  I have exactly one week starting tomorrow to get it done and then folks I plan to disappear into book two only to resurface when Honey needs to be changed and fed...and held and loved. That should leave me about two or three hours during the day while she is sleeping that I will be able to write. Wish me luck!

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Trent and Richelle said...

I would be more than happy to hold Honey, or fold laundry, or shampoo carpets, or whatever I have to do to keep you writing because I CANNOT wait for the next book!!