Tuesday, July 19, 2011


How is it possible to get a cold in the summer? I rarely even get them in the winter, but it's seems like a slap in the face to get one in the summer. A summer cold is worse then a winter cold. With a winter cold you eat soup, drink hot drinks, and wrap yourself in blankets until you feel better, but if you do that with a summer cold you will die of heat.

Are you wondering why it matters if I have a cold? Well, it's because I wanted to start on book two and now I am too tired and can't think straight. Stupid cold medicine.

I haven't even looked at book two for almost two years. I wrote out the rough draft right after I finished book one several years ago then put it aside to work on book three. I know it's going to need a lot of work, but I was hoping I could get it done in the next couple months.

If anyone out there has a good remedy for a cold that doesn't require eating or drinking anything hot please let me know.

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keysha said...

Good luck...I started with the same crap this week. Sore throat, coughing...generally feeling yucky. Nothing I've tried has worked so I am of no use to you....except that I understand your misery!!!