Friday, July 8, 2011

I Can't Help Myself

I know I said that making mistakes is part of writing and it is. I also know I said I was going to have to let them go, but I can't. After hearing from several people that they found typos I had to go into smashwords and amazon and fix them. I am sure there are more typos to be found, but at least I will be able to sleep knowing I fixed the ones brought to my attention.

I want my readers to have the best experience possible reading my book and if they find errors that bother them I have to fix them. I do apologize for the any distractions this might have caused any of you. This is my first time around and I am learning so much, but hopefully any problems I have will found and fixed quickly.

For those of you who are waiting for the printed version you won't have to wait much longer. If everything goes smoothly (crossing my fingers) it should be out next week. Also as promised I have posted the hairpiece Tristana wore in her hair for prom.


Mary Ann said...

I'm so glad a printed version will be available soon! I was going to ask you, but didn't want to bother you with all the things that you are working on at the moment. Can't wait!

Alyssa Wilson Family said...

I'm so excited to buy the printed version :) And I freaking love the hair piece :)